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Steve Blanco is a multi-instrumentalist (mainly bass & piano/keys), composer, and filmmaker based in NYC. He is well versed in many styles of music ranging from Jazz to Metal to Ambient, etc… Performing, recording, and touring are a regular part of his creative existence, and he is involved in several projects as leader or sideman. Blanco’s resume also includes composition & film scoring, as well as music instruction.

Over the years Blanco has garnered positive press for his work in Jazz as leader of Steve Blanco Trio, SBT, which featured Sunny Jain & Adam Roberts. Their work has been called “Progressive Jazz at its finest” & ”Bill Evans trio at its tightest, combined with the rambling, unpredictable theatricality of Ahmad Jamal at his best, and then increase the intensity quotient five notches.” –All About Jazz 

Blanco is involved in many projects including: the bass player for Imperial Triumphant, PAK, ZRIKU, and plays keys in Mark Feldman’s Level 5.


In addition, Blanco has produced and directed nine short films, written two feature-length scripts, and works in a variety of audio / visual fields.