Welcome to steveblanco.com, home of the PIANO WARRIOR!

My new store is now live. Please visit the music page to buy some tunes.

Steve Blanco is a critically acclaimed musician – piano player | organ |  rhodes | synths –  composer, filmmaker, teacher, and truth seeker. In addition to the acoustic piano, Blanco has introduced analog synths, electronic instruments, and effects into his work.

“I uphold the principles of individual spirit in this life,  and am inspired by everyone’s unique experience. It is this uniqueness that keeps humanity moving forward as opposed to the homogenization of a ‘one world’ singularity group-think.

I’m compelled to communicate through creativity, music performance, and writings. The further along I travel in life the less and less I know, but gain a broader perspective. I look forward to sharing my work with you on this thousand-point journey.

Feel free to look around and do have a most elegant day!”