IMG_5932 As the sun sets in the West, so does the common man continue his search for meaning in this life, all through the late night hours of the wolves. Filtering the artificial information presented and propagated from birth to death, a man must maintain his stronghold on whatever personal liberty and freedom is left…For without it, he can’t own a business, worship (or not worship) any gods, pursue creative endeavors, drive from New York to California, build a musical instrument, etc…

Steve is a multi-instrumentalist – Piano, Keys, Bass, Drums, Vocals. I have several critically acclaimed Jazz records to my name as leader. I do all kinds of gigs, in many genres. I have toured nationally. I play bass in the black metal band Imperial Triumphant. I’ve produced and directed nine films. I provide rapid solutions for various audio / visual ecosystems on the corporate level, from pre production to post. If I cannot handle a job alone, I have a huge network that will provide assistance.

Where is the light? It is there if one chooses to see it.