Steve Blanco – piano and bass

Private instruction & music lessons have been an integral part of my musical existence. Those teachers I have learned from have had a profound impact on my personal journey. I enjoy passing that energy on to my students.

Learning music is an enriching experience that has helped keep me on a more focused path in this age of distraction. It can be very rewarding at any level or stage of life. Music is the language of the soul! The amazing journey towards spiritual loftiness is indeed musical.

Consider this cool MIT article regarding music and the brain!

I teach all styles and levels of piano. Over the years my students have brought many unique experiences through which I have been deeply affected. Each has brings me closer to the true positive spirit music offers in this challenging life.

Playing music is indescribable in terms of experiential daily existence. Time can pass so quickly, while being focused on disciplines outside of the mundane. For kids, it has the ability to calm their modern distracted minds. It is a channeling of the wonders of the universe.

I also teach drums, bass, & synth. I have a ton of references.

  • All skill levels & styles of music.
  • Skype lessons available world wide.
  • Playing/Composition/Songwriting/Harmony
  • Affordable Rates.
  • 30, 45, & 60 minute lesson options to fit your budget.

I began piano at a later age…Anything is possible!

Reach out to me to see if I can help you. Begin or continue your journey today! It’s about the love of music…