Incredible Bass Fuzz Pedal

I’ve been a fan of Malekko Heavy Industry for a long time. Between my international touring with Imperial Triumphant and PAK, I’m always messing around with bass pedals to find new sounds. The Diabolik fuzz is an absolute gem of disgustingly gorgeous possibilities. Based on the B:Assmmaster, it transforms your bass into a weaponized screamer with lots of creative possibilities.

The clean isn’t exactly a pure clean, rather its own character clean. A clean with personality. I like it. The fuzz will bring in power, and I mean top end 60 to 100 style. And, the squish will bring in the dirt nicely, then turn it into some kind of inverted outer space sound. Lot’s of fun.

It doesn’t only make the most glorious despicable sounds; One can smooth it our for some nice round high notes or some sweet low notes.

They can still be found on Reverb, but there doesn’t seem to be very many on the market. Some pedals come and go in my collection, but this has remained a constant.


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