BOSS Metal Zone Reissue Any Good?

BOSS Metal Zone Reissue Any Good?

The Boss Metal Zone MT-2w made in Japan reissue distortion pedal

So I have been a big fan of BOSS‘s Waza Craft line. If you don’t know about them, you should check out the BOSS Waza Craft site! The Waza Craft pedals are made in Japan, with carefully selected components, and have two circuit modes. The standard ‘S’ mode is the original circuit, which preserves what you remember about the pedal in all its legendary glory (love it or hate). The custom ‘C’ mode is a modernized update to the original, I actually love. I end up using the custom mode more, as I find the BOSS engineers in Japan have really made improvements, if you will, on the original pedals that I grew up with.

I now have the DM-2w analog delay, the VB-2w vibrato, and now the Metal Zone MT-2w. I love them all! They instantly became favorites that remain on my boards. Even when I hit those musician lows, and I start selling off gear I don’t even think about selling these.

I know you reading this know about the sell-off low points, as you struggle to feed your habit of playing music.

Originally brought out in 1991, the new Metal Zone is quite diverse with its sounds. I’ve been using it with an HSS Strat in the custom mode. I prefer the custom mode, as it has a bit more midrange punch, with a meatier heft and warmth. Although it’s touted as a high gain metal machine, it’s incredibly responsive to your dynamics, and when you dial back your volume it cleans up into a sweet sounding overdrive. The original doesn’t clean up like this, and I’m really glad it’s been engineered this way.

If you want go high octane, that’s no problem as there is tons of gain. I’m talking tons and tons. The powerful eq increases your range of sounds even further with a treble, bass, and mid with frequency sweep to dial in what you need depending on your situation. I like the lows cranked up a bit to 3 o’clock with a gentle mid turn to 1 o’clock. I keep the frequency sweep at around 11 o’clock.

I am playing my guitar through a bass amp (naturally for a bass player), but one would have no problem whatsoever finding some tasty settings through any kind of amp. I can tell that this new Metal Zone will now become a permanent part of my collection, just like my other Waza Craft pedals. The build quality, look, and feel of these pedals is incredible, and my brain gets charged up whenever I look down and see one on my board. Then I give the iconic BOSS footswitch a press, engage the sweet sonic possibilities, and disappear into the world I prefer🔥

Lots of buying options on Reverb for the BOSS MT-2W โ™›

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