Awesome Budget Interface

The elegant Complete Audio 2 by Native Instruments

When you’re a real working musician you need good value in your gear. I have two locations in which I do much of my music work from, so you can imagine the doubling of gear purchases. One for one location, and then wait, I might as well get something for the other location! The costs can add up, and the working musician’s salary doesn’t allow for much.

The Komplete Audio 2 by Native Instruments really establishes a nice middle ground between affordable and functionality. Interfaces are crucial to the musicians home studio, so not to be taken lightly when shopping around. I brought this into my studio recently when I needed an interface for my newly set up second studio.

It’s got nice style, and a simple layout. The preamps are awesome. Powerful and warm sounding. The housing is plastic, but it doesn’t feel cheap at all. In fact, I like the look and feel of this interface. The Komplete Audio 2 has super cool led meters on top that are easy to read.

Check this interface buying guide from Reverb for some good info.

I absolutely love it🔥


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