Tour Recap – Holy S#*T

What can I say? This last tour with my band IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and the team was incredible. Pierre (Dead Pig Ent), our fearless leader / manager, and great friend, took us through a month-long journey that began in the UK, and made our way through the EU, with a stop in Italy, and ending in Spain. Our trusted soundman, Dano, was a pleasure to hang out with 24/7; His pro attitude, and work ethic was appreciated at every show, night after night. The best in the business!

The last leg saw our friends in a band from Bilbao that shall remain nameless join us, and we had great fun. I cannot say enough about this group of people. I will remember all of them forever with such positive notes. Please enjoy these photos from my great experience.

A brand new Airbus A350
Crushing London
Having a great pre-show dinner in London
We always bring NY with us
Pierre telling us what to do backstage at a show
Dano gettin ready to make us sound good
Insanity with the boys from Spain
A fan’s mom made us a lasagna. Only in Italy!!
The amazing Mercedes van
Sick shot
At our label HQ in Dortmund
The real fontina in Torino; Thank you Dano’s mom for getting this to me!
Warm vibes
A proper coffee break
Soloing with a Buckfast bottle
Sick building
Sick organ!
Somewhere in beautiful Spain
Chasing the sunset
My licorice / mint obsession
Gorgeous catering at a festival
Until next time…

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