Imperial Triumphant Tour Russia / EU

Imperial Triumphant Tour Russia / EU

I’ve had the good fortune to end up as part of an amazing trio. After many, many years in the trenches of the professional music world, the creative forces in the Universe have put some things together. Three like-minded musicians make up the core of Imperial Triumphant, and the band is working very hard to carve out its place in the world. These adventures contribute greatly to my own spiritual consciousness, the rising of the self toward that ever-changing journey of learning, laughter, challenges, accomplishment, and the deepest of soul-searching around this planet earth, and so many awesome people I get to meet. Music has brought me here, and I’ve fucking earned it.

Here’s a selection of photos in no particular order, representing the amazing trip we had. Enjoy, and see you at a show!


Minsk, Belarus | Locals refer to their city as “The museum of the Soviet Union”
Moscow, Russia | The Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral
Moscow Airport
Minsk, Belarus | METRO opened in 1984 Soviet Era Trains
Minsk, Belarus
Minsk, Belarus | Amazing food!
Minsk, Belarus
Great crowd!
St Petersburg, Russia
Beyond cool…
Tilburg, Holland | Roadburn Festival
Tilburg, Holland | Roadburn, right before playing
Prague, Czech Republic | Hard working team with our manager Pierre at center
Packing the van in Denmark with Jacek and Lukasz
Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary
Setting up for a show
Bottle Slide Blues Bass
Prague, Czech Republic | Janek, Pierre, and Poli
Prague, Czech Republic
Tilburg, Holland | Imperial gear in hotel
Budapest, Hungary | Sandra, The Catering Queen!
Denmark with Jacek, Kuba, and Lukasz
Austria Mountains
Austria | Imperial and Janek!
Mountain Tunnel with Pierre at the helm
Munich, Germany | With my vintage Aria Pro Bass
A beautiful girl in Portugal
Porto, Portugal
Krakow, Poland
Austria | with Jacek
Imperial playing Roadburn Festival
Beautiful Portugal | The band
Imperial Triumphant, Mort’A’stigmata, Pierre, and Poli on the ferry to Denmark

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