Kill Button Installed

1980s MIJ Fender Precision Bass

Did another kill button install for a client, and super cool dude. This is a fine example of an early 80s Fender® Japan Precision Bass® with a JV serial, which is the original series. I like these guitars, as the fit and finish on them is so close to early Fender® specs. It sounds and plays great.

The Fresh Kill Button

It was somewhere in the two am time, just a few hours before the hour of the wolf. It went well, and I was listening to The Residents. A bit of drilling, soldering, and the usual stuff tests, then I had it installed. I decided to place it between the tone pot and output jack because I didn’t want to drill into the body up beyond the cavity. It could be done; It would be a 12mm hole drilled straight down into the body, then a routing hole drilled to run the wires into the electronics cavity. The customer and I both agreed to keep it simple, at least this time!

Thank the f$*kin gods for music…

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