Great Tour With Imperial Triumphant

in Philadelphia
Imperial Triumphant in Philadelphia

What an amazingly successful tour we had. It was tough to play 28 shows in 30 days, but the Imperial machine pulled it off with flying colors. We visited the Eastern half of the USA from Boston to Austin. The tour finished out with a bang at Quebec Deathfest, which was loads of fun. Many memories, friends, and experiences come with the passing of each tour, as the music
life is like no other.

Gearwise, I had achieved good success with my Aria Pro II bass, my Orange Terror Bass 500, and my diverse array of pedals. I had to perform one roadside solder point fix on the old bass, but everything went smooth. I also had one cable die on me. ย All in all not bad considering the abuse it all takes.

In April we (Imperial Triumphant) head to Russia and Europe for a luxe tour, which I’m very much looking forward to.

Emergency roadside bass repair in the laundromat!
Emergency roadside bass repair in the laundromat!


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