Endorsement: One Of My Favorite String Makers!

Endorsing Optima 24k Gold Strings
Endorsing Optima 24k Gold Strings

I’m delighted to announce a partnership with Optima Strings Germany. I’ve been using these for a few years now. In addition to the amazing look (I love gold), they are fantastic strings. I love the way they feel; Somewhere in between stainless and nickel. They have a nice sound, a bit warmer then stainless, but still with some bite. The low end on them is excellent. This is an important endorsement for me, because Optima is truly one of my favorite companies. They’ve been making strings for many years. In facts, they are one of the oldest string makers around today. German precision, and care goes into each wind.

Optima golds are so luxurious. If they’re good enough for Brian May, then you know they must be top shelf, as he’s a player with excellent taste!

Thank you to Eduardo Del Signore (USA), and of course, Andre Schneider & the team in Germany!

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