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IMG_4859After many years as a professional musician, I’m extremely pleased to announce a little endorsement relationship with EBS bass gear! EBS produces some of the best musical instrument equipment out there, including pedals, amps, cabs, etc., and I’m humbly looking forward to exploring their product line. (If only I were independently wealthy!)

Starting out here with the state-of-the-art Fuzzmo high-gain bass distortion pedal (which I will be doing a video demo for at some point), I am already beyond satisfied with my user experience. This pedal has been nothing short of stellar, providing me with some of the best bass tones to date. I’ve been using it on every gig. I’ve been able to dial in a very precise balance of gritty dirt while keeping a full, rich sound. It works very well with my other pedals, and I can even set it to give me a massive punch, without compromising clarity.

So far, I’ve been using it for bass, but I’ll be trying it out with my keyboard rig in the near future. It’s definitely coming with me on the next tour.


Check out EBS at www.ebssweden.com – Highly recommended from this working musician. Have a great day!


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