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A short post here in between the juggling of many tasks & composing material for my new album. Busy times.

With all the altcoins emerging, it’s difficult to find a refreshing crypto currency to follow. FCKBANKS coin just refreshed me! Hilarious, and smart, I’m actually behind this coin and curious to see where it goes. If it is a common man’s challenge to grab up the scraps left behind by the PTB, then what feels better than just saying FCK banks? I pulled my little scrap pile of musician dollars out of my own bank last year, after i couldn’t get anyone at the branch to close my account. One phone call to the bank’s customer service line (and a rant from yours truly) closed my account in a matter of seconds. What’s even more amazing is no one at my branch could explain fractional reserve lending to me – hahaha. It’s all so amusing. Just like getting rid of my television 15 years ago, I haven’t looked back at dropping my account. It is my little way of saying FCK you.

It’s a wild time right now in the crypto world, and fascinating to watch the story unfold in real time. Will the people get onboard and maintain some level of control, or will ‘you-know-who take over, or will it all crumble by the wayside? I have my own theories, but I’ll save them after more data has been gathered.

Big thanks to the FCK team for adding some real enjoyment to my day. I wish you well. Check out their video bellow.

I’m in, just for the FCK of it, and because I give a FCK!


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