Indeed it has been some time between recordings for us, but I’m still chipping away through the night with a flicker of light that remains the dream. When all has proven time & time again to be tricks by the superficial materialists, I find solace in the great work. For me that medium is music. There is an interesting world out there filled with mind control, propaganda, and massive campaigns, all working in concert to create the illusion that the common man is thinking for himself. In fact, it hinders the individual from producing a truly original thought. So the journey of life then becomes about “un-programming” through various means of extended research, exhaustive truth seeking, and spiritual exploration. As this is unique to each of us, I have likened it to the flight of the Monarch. The term Monarch has been adapted by many cultures and organizations for a variety of different applications. One can research (extensively) to find out more about the fascinating applications, symbolism, and beyond of the Monarch.

In my universe I choose a positive application of the Monarch symbol, which is in direct opposition to the material dupe and its deployment. The Monarch goes through four stages during its life cycle. I’ve named them accordingly for the new album as per my interpretation, which will be revealed when the album is released. Each of those stages is crucial for the evolution of a Monarch. After the third stage a most miraculous change occurs, and the emergence of such rare beauty seems to make things feel that all is OK in the world for a moment. It is short lived, however, and within weeks the Monarch will die. But not until after preparing a path for the next generation. So, the first three stages are a melange of struggle and survival, mixed in with mundane…Then flight is taken for freedom maximus. It is this flight that shall represent the event horizon and our journey into the unknown. I embrace this flight with inspiration, learning, passion, and spiritual fulfillment. There are many who will try to squash the Monarch. If the Monarch represents the above and the dream, then war shall be waged to keep the dream alive. If the dream dies, so does the Monarch…



The image above isn’t the cover of the new record, rather, an picture that represents the current phase of the project…Like a working title I suppose. Many a blazed spirit, sleepless nights (or whatever fucking schedule I’m on now), and I’ve managed to chip away at some new work.

I am officially deep into composing & organizing new material for my next album. SB TRIO’s MONARCH will be a departure from our previous two records CONTACT and PIANO WARRIOR, as I’m electrifying my workspace with vintage keys, analog synths, and effects. I’m hoping to achieve a large, gritty sound, steeped in melody, while tastefully blending in the right amount of effects. Very challenging. Everything will be able to be performed live.

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Below is an announcement:
MONARCH will be the third studio album by the Steve Blanco Trio with Sunny Jain & Adam Roberts. There will be various original compositions, including a four part suite, MONARCH, that will represent the 4 stages of the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly, and its reflection upon elements of society , civilization, mythology, etcโ€ฆ It should take the listener on a journey from the ‘Dawn of Conception’ up through part four – ‘Monarch’, which will be representative of the triumphant spirit within an individual to break free from societal homogenization and programming, offering an alternative to the self-destructive, reactionary mechanisms that often manifest in a negative block chain due to a natural opposition to “group-think”. The solution emerges as positive productivity and a strong climb out of any abyss one might find themselves in. To aim high and reach for the stars, which will align given the right energetic circumstances. We are all capable of this, and as each individual contributes his unique experience the whole of society elevates. I believe music has the power to tap into this potential.

The album represents a return to music for Steve from a 2 year break in which some personal struggles sent him astray. Out of chaos comes orderโ€ฆAnd so, after two years of not playing a note, inspiration enters. During that 2 year period Blanco founded and built an emerging cookie company called Black + Blanco. All of his creative energies went to work in a different world.

“I could write a book on the challenges facing anyone wishing to start a small U.S.A. – based manufacturing business in the current economic climate.”

As it is strength that is needed to rebuild, grow, and stay on a righteous path towards a fulfilling, wholly productive, and spiritually enlightened existence, Blanco looks forward to creating new music with his trio.

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