Clockwork Angels


I recently had the very good fortune of experiencing the movie preview of the new Clockwork Angels DVD from RUSH.  I missed the tour, and am kicking myself very hard about it. They remain one of the single most important creative influences & forces in my life. For decades now, I’ve been listening to their records, and as I pass through the phases of life so does their body of work…WITH TOTAL RELEVANCE. Although I felt the significance of their work as a kid, it has grown over time to epic proportions.

The new album is one of their best since Power Windows, filled with powerful, genre-crossing (Whatever – it’s RUSH!) music and messages. Sonic landscapes paint a picture of mass thought, individual liberty, and that lifelong journey of freeing oneself from the programming instilled onto us since birth. I’ll write more about the record in another post.

RUSH created a complete universe all their own, never giving into the filthy (and often pedestrian) establishment, and upholding the principles of which their music and lyrics represent. Somehow, they managed to connect so many of us living largely outside the box and confines of group-think society to their music. So powerful is their energy, that at every show, when the star-man emerges behind them on screen (as they play that great music from 1976) chills run up and down my spine. These chills can only be attributed to RUSH’s quantity of truth and spiritually uplifting symbology, echoing through the years. Shreds of this synergy flow through my veins, as I continue my own quest for original thought, individuality, and a unique experience in this realm that is universally present. I do believe that the notion of each of us as an individual life, seeking its own truth without harming others, is the only sincere humanitarian trajectory towards greater good – NOT a world of ONE consciousness, singularity, or homogenized global culture. No, thank you!!

The vision of the Starman from 2112 has never left me. In fact it has become more relevant the more I’ve opened my eyes to the world and the way it’s been run over the past millennia. An “anti” symbol. That value system has always been an integral part of my daily existence, transcending the mistakes I’ve made, continue to make, and learn from. It’s interesting to note that for many years it was powerfully present as an undercurrent or subliminal force, fueling focus, drive, and life battles vis a vis what I refer to as the “Travis Bickle Syndrome”. Standing up to the control, superficial, material, and propaganda we grow up with. Unfortunately, I do see a very dystopian world, with a population largely duped by it all. Still, there is something in all of us that may go back to the tide pool, searching for truth. As I’ve gotten older, broadened my perspective, and raised thousands more questions with less and less answers, the force of that value system is right out in front.

I recommend a viewing of this video from the Clockwork Angels DVD. For me it is most inspiring and enlightening.

Thanks to RUSH for keeping it most elegant with “grace & comfort”. They are a real class act.


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